Used Plastics Machinery

Used Plastics Machinery

Plastics Machinery

Since 1978 Maproplast buys and sells plastics machines. We started with mainly injection moulders. Now we supply plastics machines covering the whole range of disciplines producing in the plastics industry.

In stock

On average Maproplast has 800 machines in stock. We travel across the globe to purchase them. Yearly we buy around 500 which are all transported to our warehouse.


The machines can be bought in 3 different options. You can buy the machine as it is. This means that it will not be tested or repaired by us. This option we recommend only to companies who know exactly what they are doing. The second option is Tested and delivered in full working order. Machinery will be connected up in the workshop, fully checked for broken and none working parts, repaired where necessary and tested before delivery. The third and most secure option is delivery of plastics equipment fully overhauled. This is also covered by a 6 months warrantee on the supplied machine.

Range of plastics machines

Amongst others :Blown film , Blow moulding, Compounding, Injection moulding , Thermo- and Vacuum- forming, Recycling , Pet Bottle manufacturing , Mono- and Multi filament production , Rotation moulding, Pipe- and Profile- extrusion , lab equipment.


On our website; you will find descriptions of all the plastics equipment available from stock. Want to know the price, just contact us and usually you get the reply within 24 hours.


In the last 8 years Maproplast has specialised towards supplying Pipe and profile production equipment. As well as having a large selection of equipment in this area; we supply new Pipe extrusion equipment and new pipe crushers. Pay less get more is what we promise you. Buying overhauled or slightly older machines saves you money, shortens lead time , and will work for many years!

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